LIN DIN BioMedical

We care for your family’s

inner and outer health

15 years+ experience

Harmless Naturopathic Medicine

Medical field Professional expert

Accurate Precision Health trend

「Lin Din Biomedical 」established in 2007, we are constituted by a group of people with medical and nutrition specialties.

With the increasing concern of health issues, high rate of chronic diseases prevalence, etc., we aim to provide the community with safe and harmless nutraceutical products.

We apply the method of precision medicine, using the good bacteria from our gut as fundamental and developed「Microbiota-gut-brain axis」

       「Using the standard of naturopathic medicine, method of medical research and both clinical evidence and experimental studies to meet with humanistic naturalism product」. We are in line with our company’s aim :「To keep close tabs on our products quality and provide our clients promising supply chain」.

Through several years of cumulative professional experience, LinDin BioMedical Co.,Ltd has been one of the leads in Taiwan’s nutraceutical industry. We are also expanding our market globally, include : Asia-Pacific, medical institutions in China, etc.

Furthermore, by setting up a reliable, convenient and professional pathway, providing our clients with several health education and belief, improve the quality of life and optimize clients’ body and mental health, are also the goal that we are hanging on.

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