LIN DIN BioMedical

We care for your health !

At Lin Din Biomedical, you come first. Everything else comes second.

15 years+ experience

Harmless Naturopathic Medicine

Professional Medical Team

Accurate Precision Health Trend

15 years+ in Pharmacies and Nutraceuticals

      Lin Din Biomedical established in 2007. We are a company with professional team from different specialties in medical and nutrition. We expand our market in different sales channels, especially healthcare and medical sales channels.
      With increasing concern of health issues, high prevalence of chronic disease, etc., we aim to provide community with safe and harmless nutraceutical products. Through precision medicine method and concept, we combine the concept of 「Microbiota Gut Brain Axis」 to provide all round protection and health.

Based on clinical evidences and scientific datas

          Using the standard of naturopathic medicine, method of medical research and both clinical evidence and experimental studies to meet with humanistic naturalism product.
          We keep close tabs with our company's aim : 「To provide our clients with high quality control product and strict」

One-stop OEM/ODM Service

        With several years of experience in supplement OEM/ODM, we provide our clients with newest market trend and customized formula design of supplement. Through one-stop OEM/ODM Service, combined with professional medical team, we increase the competitiveness of client’s product.
        Beside clinics and pharmacies, our partners include Asia-Pacific and Southeast Asia, such as Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, etc. We also work with clinics and pharmacies in China, leading our company to globalization

Professional Consultation Service

          「Reliable, professional and flexible」 is the motto of our company. We provide our clients with professional consultation service of health concept and improve our clients’ quality of life, also to reach the highest effectiveness of mind and body health. We continuously keep working on these effort to provide our clients with integrated service.

Lin Din Biomedical All-round Business Integration

Patented Formula

OEM/ODM one-stop service

Industry-academia Collaboration

Combine with clinical evidence and studies to expand the market

Medical Sales Channel Formula Design

Include formula design, outer package design, product advertisement and education


With the newest medical technology as the fundamental for early disease prevention


Combine with latest medical technology trend, professional aesthetic medicine helps rejuvenate skin and prevent ageing


Next-generation Sequencing gene testing, which include gut microbiota testing, etc

Enzyme and Probiotic

Customized formula of functional probiotics, etc

Health Supplement

Design of supplement formula for different group and age of people


Patented ingredients from top manufacturer

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