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Customized One stop OEM / ODM Service

Trusted Brand•Innovative R&D •Patented Ingredients

      As a professional supplement and ingredient
manufacturer of several pharmacies, clinics, aesthetics
clinics and other healthcare sales channels, we provide
you with accurate market trend analysis, creating your
own customized brand value.

    With Lin Din Biomedical’s R&D professional team, we
provide high variation of OEM/ODM service according to
your demand, market trend and target audiences. From
selection of patented ingredients, multiple formulation
choices to budgetary control and package design, attached
with regulations and integrated marketing, we promise to
provide you with professional and flexible OEM/ODM service.
We also keep close to our concept 「 To develop our
product which conform with naturopathic medicine 」 , to
bring you with a new generation of healthcare products.

Domestic Partners

Beside clinics and pharmacies, Lin Din Biomedical
also works with several partners such as
influencer, KOL, youtuber, leaders of team buyer,
multilevel marketing, etc.


We also expand our partners to several countries
in Asia Pacific and Southeast Asia, such as
Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, etc. We also work
with clinics and pharmacies in China, leading our
company to globalization.

Why US ?

6 reasons why you should become our partner!

With more than 15 years experience in pharmacies and nutraceuticals, we provide our clients with integrated service, helping our clients to create a product with high quality and proven function.


Above 15 years R&D experience,
we can continuously provide you with accurate market trend analysis


Professional R&D team,

such as doctors, pharmacists and

nutritionists, that provide clients with innovative formula design

Medical Sales Channels

Customized brand for our medical partners, which include pharmacy, clinic health and beauty center

Quality Control

Strict quality control and selection
of ingredients to ensure the effectiveness of formula


Multiple international quality
certifications of factory, such ISO 2200 and HACCP We also provide semi finished and finished product’s lab test and report to ensure product safety

Market Expansion

Multiple success stories of
overseas listed company market expansion


One stop OEM & ODM
Service Procedure

Create your own brand in just 6 easy steps with professional and integrated market plan, analysis and product training 「 one stop service 」

STEP 01 Consultation and Plan

Let us hear your ideas In this step, understanding your product’s concept, purpose, form, budget, amount and other additional requests will help us come up with a solid plan Trying to develop your own health brand but just don’t know where to start? Feel free to contact us for 1 to 1 consultation! +886 4 2253 2373 ext 107

STEP 02 Formula and Dosage Form Design

After understanding your product’s demand, Lin Din Biomedical professional R&D team will combine scientific data and latest market analysis and provide you with customized formula of product.

STEP 03 Provide samples, flavor testing and quotations

When formulation is confirmed, we would like to provide you with samples for texture and flavor testing, also to ensure the safety and stability of product.

STEP 04 Factory GMP Production

When the ingredients are delivered to our factory, we will proceed to quality check to ensure the safety of ingredients After that, we will proceed to manufacturing procedure.

STEP 05 Product Advertisement and Training

Don’t know how to create a marketing plan for your new product We provide our clients with professional sales training workshop and advertisement by our professional medical team.

STEP 06 After sales service and regulation consultation

We have a complete after sales service system which can give you the assistance you need We also provide professional consultation for regulation and law of supplement.

Multiple dosage form

Lin Din Biomedical provide multiple variation of dosage form, which can becustomized based on client’s demand

Powder Sachet

Powder sachets are a new and very trendy alternative to capsules and tablets, also receiving a great deal of interest among consumers Wide variety of usage, can be use in development of enzyme, probiotic, meal replacement sachet, etc.


Special coating characteristic that can easily mask unpleasant tastes, aromas, or appearance of ingredients This form allow powders to be dispensed in an uncompressed form, thus allowing for quicker dissolution and absorption of the functional ingredients.

Plant Derived Capsule

We provide plant derived capsule made from fiber, which is vegan friendly, without any additional additives.


Allow for some variations which a capsule does not offer, can be used for product with large doses of active ingredients Direct compression and coating method allow the tablet to be more gatro resistant and quickly disintegrates


The most prevalent of oral solutions, high flexibility with dosing, also safer and easier for children and elderly to take Easy to carry, can be consumed anytime and anywhere, also have a higher absorption.


Widely popular and most acceptable form with wide variety of tastes and shapes option Handy and lightweight packaging, ready to consume and enhance active ingredients absorption

Customized Distributor and Sales Channel

With more than 15 years experience in nutraceuticals, we provide our
clients with wide option of distributors and sales channel

Overseas distributor

· Overseas sales representatives

· Overseas one stop OEM/ODM

Clinic & Health Center

· Clinic sales representatives

· Traditional chinese medicine
  clinic one stop OEM/ODM services

· Other clinic one stop
  OEM/ODM services

Pharmacy & Drugstore

· Chain store pharmacies and
  drugstores sales representatives

· Pharmacies and drugstores
  supplement OEM/ODM services

Multi level Marketing Company

· Multi level marketing company
  sales representatives

· Multi level marketing company
  supplement OEM/ODM services

E commerce

· Customized brand for influencer,
  KOL, youtuber, leader of group
  buyer, etc


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