LIN DIN BioMedical

1. Immunity

Immunity is the biological defense to fight infection and disease, in other words, is the capability to resist harmful microorganisms.

2. The roles of immunity

Identify and eliminate invading pathogens, viruses, and allergens. Restore a healthy balance in body.

3. Immune system

In our immune system, there are:
central lymphoid organs (thymus, bone marrow), peripheral lymphoid organs (lymph nodes, spleen), antigen presenting cells (dendritic cells, macrophages), mast cell, B cell, T cell, NK-cell, immunoglobulin, immune cytokines (IL-12, IL-6, etc) and complement system. Immune system is a huge and complex defense system to protect our body from infection and tumor.

4. Causes that weaken immunity

  • ◎Environmental factors:

    Environmental hormones (hormone disruptors), heavy metals and notorious dioxins are increasing along with our industrial progression.

  • ◎Lifestyles:

    Nowadays the fast-paced lifestyle becomes the major causes of fatigues, stresses, pressures, irregular work and rest.

  • ◎Drug abuse:

    Drugs are easily accessible. Drug overdose becomes more common.


5.Boost immunity

Balanced diets:
Healthy Eating Pyramid by nutrition experts at Harvard School of Public Health provides detailed guidance of diets.

  • ◎Regular exercises, 3 times a week, heart rate should be in the 120-130 bpm range.
  • ◎Regular exercises keep your immune system in a balanced and good state.
  • ◎Keep a healthy lifestyle.
  • ◎Do not stay up late. No smokes and alcohols. Stay in good moods. Think positively.
  • ◎Supplement of health food is encouraged.
  • ◎Daily supplement of vitamins, minerals, probiotics and polysaccharides is helpful.
  • ◎Physical examination, periodically.


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