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COLLACTIVE Collagen Complex – 100% marine-based, allnatural from fisheries in France

The key to skin elasticity—COLLACTIVE


1. Collactive is produced from skin of deep-sea fisheries. Non-GMO.
2. With a low molecular weight of 3600 Dalton, Collactive is water-soluble and fully digestible.
3. Collactive is composed of collagen and elastin peptides formulated in the same ratio found naturally in skin (Collagen 94%, Elastin 6%).
4. Collactive has an anti-wrinkle synergistic action of collagen and elastin, as demonstrated in a clinical trial by professional French lab, DermScan.

【Clinical trial】


Subject:43 healthy women, 40-55 years old [1]
Dosages:Oral administration. 2 g Collactive per day for 84 days. Placebo: 2g Maltodextrin
Methods:Using a Skin Image Analyser® (S.I.A.) [2] and Quantirides[3] to measure the number and depth of wrinkles and skin hydration at day 0, day 24, and day 84. Skin hydration was measured using Quantirides[3].
[1]:One week before test, using other anti-wrinkle and skin moisture products was not allowed.
[2]: For analysis of skin hydration.
[3]: For analysis of wrinkles.


1. After 28 days, a significant increase (28%) in the number of deep wrinkles was noted in 82% of the subjects received placebo. Collactive supplementation resulted in a significant decrease (19%) of the number of deep wrinkles in 71% of the subjects.
2. It was cold winter days during day 28-day 84. In the placebo group (88%), an increase in the number of deep wrinkles was noted at both day 28 and day 84. In contrast, no increase was observed in subjects received Collactive supplementation.
3. Results showed that Collactive caused anti-wrinkle and protective effects on the skin, even on cold winter days.
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