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Next Generation Sequencing (NGS)

Using the newest technologies of「Next Generation Sequencing (NGS)」,with large-scale whole-genome sequencing, achieving the characteristics of fast, high throughput, it surpasses the traditional Sanger sequencing, also increase the accuracy and decrease the overall testing time, leading to an era of generalized biological analysis.

Did you know…

Colorectal Cancer ranked first as the main cause of death for 12 years

People with Inflammatory Bowel Disease has increased 26 times in 15 years

Prevalence of Obesity has reached 45% of total population

Prevalence of Metabolic Disorder has reached 30% of total population

One in every 13 people of elderly aged 65 years old and above suffered from Alzheimer’s Disease

LD Gut & Microbiome Health Test




「LD Gut & Microbiome Health Test」is the combination of AI data analytics and new medical technologies, Using the non-invasive screening method, with more precise and fast NGS technology, we provide our clients with complete gut microbiome test. We also analyze the relation of different diseases with gut microbiome, providing customized diseases’ prevention method. From screening, analyzing to consultation, we provide our clients with customized services to constitute a healthier gut.

Customized Assesment Reports


Intestinal Pattern Analysis

Our intestine can be divided into 3 pattern, based on gut microbiota. By knowing your pattern, it will be more accurate to analysis your diet and disease risk factors.


Gut Microbes Analysis

Our diet and lifestyle affected our gut flora, also the best marker to observe our gut's health condition.


Probiotic Analysis

Probiotics promote a healthy balance of gut bacteria, improve digestion and maintaining healthy gut microbiota.


Gut Pathogen Analysis

Many microbes in human microbiota are pathogenic organisms. When pathogenic organisms invaded or when immmune system weakened, these pathogenic organisms will grow rapidly.


Disease risk factor Analysis

According to gut microbiota analysis result, we proceed to assessment of variety disease risk factor accordingly.


Exclusive Health Care

We provide nutrition advices & plans according to the result of analysis. The aim of nutrition intervention is to strengthen gut's health, therefore preventing diseases.

Screening Procedure

Suitable For

Metabolic Syndrome​
GI disorders
Unhealthy dietary pattern
Unhealthy lifestyle
Daily Maintenance​
Lack of exercise
Low Immune system​
Memory Aging​


A:Our gut is lined with more than 100 million nerve cells, also the biggest immune system organ in our body. Also known as 「our second brain」, researches have shown that several diseases are strongly related to our gut and this finding has become the new medical trend.
With the newest technology, accurate and fast analysis, noninvasive and painless method, quickly monitored your health condition. Through this NGS gut microbiome testing, you can understand your gut type, richness of gut microbiome, diversity of gut microbiome and related diseases’ risk factors and also detect type and numbers of symbiotic, commensal and pathogenic bacteria in your gut.

A:People these days are living a sub-optimal health status. Gut microbiome test is the combination of prevention and precision medicine to let us fully understand our gut health condition and relation to several diseases’ risk factor. From the test result, you will obtain customized advice for your probiotic supplement to effectively improves your gut health.

A:With the changes of lifestyle and dietary habits, more than 70% of people, especially in Asia are living with sub-optimal health status. It is necessary that every people take daily probiotic supplements to improve gut microbiota and living a healthier life.

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