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cares for your family health

As an Chinese proverb goes : 「The best doctor prevent illness 」 Lin Din BioMedical using the standard of naturopathic medicine, method of medical research and both clinical evidence and experimental studies to meet with humanistic naturalism product. Aligned with convenient product access, superior product quality and professional health knowledge, we support our patients to reach health and enjoy life.


Research & Development, Clinical-Evidence Based

Cross-border collaboration with Seoul National University (Korea) ; Chia Nan University of Pharmacy and Science, Chung Shan Medical University and KaoHsiung Medical University technology support cooperation.


Health Education, Professional Consultant

To recover from illness is not only by medication. The real stage of health must include true health concept. LinDin BioMedical Co.,Ltd, with the core of medical team, provide integrated health education and services.


Professional Access, Cooperative Team Member

Strategic partnership with clinics and pharmacies, provide clients with multiservices.


Development of Product Formula, OEM/ODM Cooperation

Equipped with high sensitivity of global health trend, significant background in sales & marketing, development of product with specific function, designed brand products that conform with different market demand

Lin Din Integrated Services


Industry-academic cooperation

Advertisement, package design for medical channel

Anti-ageing functional supplements

Aesthetic medicine professional care

Gut microbiota testing

Enzyme & Probiotic supplement

Chronic disease’s supplement

Lin Din Integrated Services

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