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Lin Din BioMedical

「Lin Din Biomedical 」established in 2007, we are constituted by a group of people with medical and nutrition specialties. With the increasing concern of health issues, high rate of chronic disease prevalence, etc., we aim to provide the community with safe and harmless nutraceutical products. We apply the method of precision medicine, using the good bacteria from our gut as fundamental and developed「Microbiota-gut-brain axis」


  Nowadays, probiotics are widely used in several health products which include gut support product, immune regulation product, respiratory tract product, infant&kid product, etc.

      Recent studies shown that several diseases are highly associated with gut microbiota. With our aim in precision medicine, we use the concept of [Microbiota-Gut-Brain axis] as our fundamental to develop next-generation probiotic, combined with the concept of 『PreProbioticle』 to develop the product that is effective in disease prevention.

Precision Medicine

      With the improvement and development of technology, the trend of precision medicine increase significantly.

       To reach personalized medical treatment, we use individual genetic testing to obtain big data analysis of disease risk and relation of gene and microbiome.  Reliable, fast, accurate for disease prevention, we provide you with the right antidote which increase the efficacy of treatment and maximize overall benefit of treatment that lead to a new medical trend.

Functional Products

      We do not only develop probiotic related product, you can also find our other products that are specialized for different health need and group of people, include beauty care, eye and vision, weight management, sleep disorder, bone & joint care product, etc.

      With health improvement as our start-point, we gradually innovate to develop reliable functional products. We keep close tabs on your lifelong health.

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OEM/ODM Service

    With more than 15 years experience in pharmacies and nutraceuticals and professional R&D team, we provide our clients with the newest formula according to latest research data.

      We provide high variation of OEM/ODM service according to client’s demand, market trend and target audiences. With strict quality control and carefully selection of ingredients, we hope to bring our client’s with their own customized brand and product.

Raw materials

    Lin Din Biomedical set a strict selection for every ingredients and raw materials used in product. We select raw materials that are manufactured by factory that are in line with international standards of HACCP, which include raw materials of probiotic, functional ingredients, and other ingredients.

     Through combination of raw material, market information and professional R&D team, we promise to provide client with high quality products and services!

Market News


LinDin BioMedical Co.,Ltd keep a close information exchange between business partners, also provide clients with the newest market trend. By cooperating with us, you will obtain the newest market information that is helpful for future market development.

The expert team of Lin Din BioMedical will help you with any information needed for your own platform or sales channels, such as : clinics, pharmacies, e-commerce, and several other platforms.


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